About us


A company is not just a commercial sign but, first of all, it is an organization composed of people skilled in their field and with a passion for their work. Precisely for this reason I would like to show you who will take care of your needs, if you decide to buy from us.

My name is Salvatore Casto and I have been managing the SCEDIL for over 30 years in collaboration with Carlo Stamerra. 

The company was founded in Lecce with the aim of becoming a leader in the production and sale of high quality scaffolding, usable for painting, renovation, plant engineering, construction and DIY. 

Today the Web represents a great opportunity for our company: it allows us to sell and reach our customers all over Europe, optimizing transaction costs and providing rapid tailored responses.

Every day begins with the checkup of orders and times of production and delivery ... Carlo and I work personally in our laboratory, availing of the support of some trusted collaborators. 

I assure you that every product that starts from our warehouses has been carefully checked beforehand, in order to get you a product of the highest quality.

For any question feel free to contact us. We can also quickly ship our products: every scaffolding that you will find on our website is immediately available in stock! That's why we can get you the goods in just 9 working days.

I am at your disposal to advise you which scaffolding is the most suitable for your needs: just contact me via thru the contact page!

Best Regards

Salvatore Casto